LLama Friends

I’m loving these fun Llama prints from Alice Berry. Everyone, meet Llama Del Rey, Hipster and a Mexican Llama. You’re welcome… 


I’m a huge lover of nail art… despite not actually being any good at it. So that’s where these little guys come in… 
Nail wraps are not new by any means, but I loved the concept behind Scratch. They feature a handful of cute and quirky designs from incredible nail artists, designers, bloggers and illustrators from around the world each month. 
The one that caught my eye though, had to be this neon pop watermelon design from Caroline Burke of Burkatron – perfect for the summer!

Tiddly Pom

Brisbane-based crafter, Rachel Burke is a girl after my own heart. Using pom poms as her main medium, she’s creates beautiful pieces of erm… pom pom art.  
f you squint your eyes a little, it’s hard to tell the difference between a scoop of choc chip ice cream and a pile of mint green fluff (that is, until you stuff it in your gob).  
And it’s not just little balls of wool, Rachel also creates egg-shaped pom poms! I’m feeling crafty all of a sudden…