Covetable Coats

The only good thing about the re-appearence of the colder weather is that back to school feeling of choosing a new coat. After stumbling across this gorgeous editorial from Marie Claire i’ve now got my eye on the perfect pink brushed wool coat – who knew coats could look so romantic!

 Suddenly, winter can not come soon enough…

Tiddly Pom

Brisbane-based crafter, Rachel Burke is a girl after my own heart. Using pom poms as her main medium, she’s creates beautiful pieces of erm… pom pom art.  
f you squint your eyes a little, it’s hard to tell the difference between a scoop of choc chip ice cream and a pile of mint green fluff (that is, until you stuff it in your gob).  
And it’s not just little balls of wool, Rachel also creates egg-shaped pom poms! I’m feeling crafty all of a sudden…  

Style Paparazzi Thirty Six

I’m a huge lover of layering, and I love this girl’s take on the masculine trend with the oversized blazer and cute shirt peeking out from under her jumper, keeping it simple in a monochrome palette – perfect!
I’ve also been living in my skinnies and converse, just wish I could look as chic as her whilst doing it! 
What’s inspiring you this week?

Wall to Wall

I really love the idea of having an accent wall, but aside from just painting it one block colour my ideas were very limited. That was until I saw some of the amazing wall art from ixxi – it’s such a great way to display photos. You can either create a collage of your own photos or use an image from their bank – i’m intrigued by the slightly pixellated style artworks like the Van Gogh!