Covetable Coats

The only good thing about the re-appearence of the colder weather is that back to school feeling of choosing a new coat. After stumbling across this gorgeous editorial from Marie Claire i’ve now got my eye on the perfect pink brushed wool coat – who knew coats could look so romantic!

 Suddenly, winter can not come soon enough…

Three’s company

I’ve been an avid reader of Company magazine for a long time, probably long before I should have. I first read it for the grown up articles, seeing as I slowly grew out of the cringe stories from Mizz and the school disco make up tips from Bliss. Other than Ellegirl (RIP!) there wasn’t anything else out there satisfied my urge for a good magazine, and all my copies sit proudly amongst the other hoards of mags I have managed to accumulate over the years. 
Last month saw them launch their new redesign, and after getting over the shock of it shrinking in size (I like something to hold on to!) I have to say I’m loving it… from the fresh new feel right down to the new textured paper. And when the March issue was posted through my letterbox  last week it brightened up even the coldest evening. That bright pop of turquoise had me dreaming of my new spring wardrobe!
Are you a Company reader…. what do you think of the new re-design? 

Long live ELLEgirl

I’m definitely an ELLE girl. Way before my subscription to the glossy pages of ELLE, another magazine had my heart. It’s little sister in fact. Ellegirl had everything a fashion conscious teenage girl could ask for. It had a good balance of high-fashion, high street bargains mixed with creative and inspiring photography not to mention featuring those oh-so-cool it hurts girls that we wished we could be. It have me a platform to be truly inspired and thinking about it probably gave me the passion for being creative and helped me realise what I wanted to when ‘I grew up’. 
I’ve still got all my old copies as I couldn’t bear to throw them away.. much to my mum’s dismay! The magazine was way ahead of it’s time and I was devastated when it closed in 2005. It helped launch Peaches ahem.. media career – she had an albeit rather boring column each month as well as some early modelling shots from a young Alexa Chung. I loved that they celebrated inspirational girls and showed that it was Ok to be a bit different. Each month had different D.I.Y tips, attainable fashion and beauty and my personal fave… a peek inside some gorgeous bedrooms. Had it still been around today I’d be still reading it each month. Long live ELLE girl… I miss you!

[I’ve still got this one on my bedroom wall!]

swim until you can’t see land

These images have been floating around the blog world for a while but I felt the need to share them again with you. I have a huge passion for magazine design and geek out each month on all my favourites. 
I have a love/hate relationship Vogue, and often feel they just don’t hit the mark. However, after seeing these I got a little excited.  Some clever girl (shrubrub to be precise) has super-imposed all the covers of Vogue this year on top of each other! I think the end effect looks rather beautiful, much like a fiery angel?

Here are some of my other favourites…