LLama Friends

I’m loving these fun Llama prints from Alice Berry. Everyone, meet Llama Del Rey, Hipster and a Mexican Llama. You’re welcome… 

Cut and Paste

Being a huge print fan, I was excited to see this collection from textile designer, Helene Georget. Each prints has been hand illustrated and currently only exist in the form of these totally adorable t-shirt origami! Who says fashion can’t be art… 

Style Paparazzi Thirty Two

The weather just can’t seem to make up it’s mind at the moment – not that i’m complaining about the late sunshine! So that’s why this week’s street style image caught my eye. The long sleeved dress is perfect for transitional dressing and I adore the delicate print – which reminds me of some of my nan’s china! 
What’s inspiring you this week?