Style Paparazzi Thirty Six

I’m a huge lover of layering, and I love this girl’s take on the masculine trend with the oversized blazer and cute shirt peeking out from under her jumper, keeping it simple in a monochrome palette – perfect!
I’ve also been living in my skinnies and converse, just wish I could look as chic as her whilst doing it! 
What’s inspiring you this week?

Polka dots

I’ve been a bit disappointed with the stuff in the shops at the moment. Probably something to do with the weather – it can’t make up it’s mind what season it want’s to be, which makes it difficult to get dressed in the morning let alone shop!
I’ve always been a colder month kinda girl and come September i’ve already got my eye on a winter coat and cosy knits. So when I spotted these in Forever21 I had to knab them. The jumper has cute metallic knitted panels with a hint of sheer fabric so I can ease it in into my wardrobe now… score! And well that polka dot denim shirt was just too cute to leave behind. 

Style Paparazzi Thirty

I’m still lusting after pastels it seems, my inspiration folder is bursting with ice cream shades! Love how this girl has mixed a pale green, pink and lilac – almost enough to give you a sugar rush! How cute is her little collar and I’m coveting that pleated skirt too… 
What’s inspiring you this week?
P.s I’ve popped a few items up on eBay