Style Paparazzi Thirty Nine

Now that winter is finally on it’s way, I’ve been compiling my coat wishlist (see below for my current out of price range wants!) and my inspiration folder is bulging with some goodies.
The sensible side of me is saying I definitely don’t that need sugar pink cashmere number i’ve had my eye on, so i’ve decided to listen (just this once…) and am gearing towards something a little more grey. Might be the London skies, perhaps and this little lady has picked a perfect example. I like the boxy, more masculine style and the colour looks great paired with the cranberry jumper… and that gorgeous auburn hair! Watch this space…


What’s inspiring you this week?

Covetable Coats

The only good thing about the re-appearence of the colder weather is that back to school feeling of choosing a new coat. After stumbling across this gorgeous editorial from Marie Claire i’ve now got my eye on the perfect pink brushed wool coat – who knew coats could look so romantic!

 Suddenly, winter can not come soon enough…

Polka dots

I’ve been a bit disappointed with the stuff in the shops at the moment. Probably something to do with the weather – it can’t make up it’s mind what season it want’s to be, which makes it difficult to get dressed in the morning let alone shop!
I’ve always been a colder month kinda girl and come September i’ve already got my eye on a winter coat and cosy knits. So when I spotted these in Forever21 I had to knab them. The jumper has cute metallic knitted panels with a hint of sheer fabric so I can ease it in into my wardrobe now… score! And well that polka dot denim shirt was just too cute to leave behind. 

Style Paparazzi Twenty

wow… not done of these in a while so before my street style inspiration folder gets any fuller I thought it would be not rude not to share them with you guys. [Admit it you’ve missed them] 
This girlie caught my eye straight away with her cute red beret, I love the way it adds a little pop of colour. Not to mention the awesome clash of the tartan coat and floral dress. I might dig out my summer florals this week to cheer me up, worn with some thick tights mind… it’s arctic out there after all!

What’s inspiring you this week?